This document contains Yokos Sushi's policy when using cookies on the web www page. and its adjacent subpages. What are cookies? Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer or mobile when you visit a website. They allow the website to store yours actions and preferences for a certain period of time so you do not have to enter them whenever you visit the site or switch from one page to another. How do we use cookies? The pages of the Yokos Sushi website ( use the following cookies: We use two types of cookies - per user session and fixed. The latter are temporary files that remain in the user's device until the end of the user session or closing the application (web browser). Fixed files stay on the user's device for the period that is set by cookies or until they are deleted manually by the user. Third party cookies: - for analysis - we use cookies for analysis tools that collect data about our users (Google Analytics). They help us to we understand how our site is used, what works well and what does not, to optimize it and improve.  Targeting and advertising - We use third-party cookies (Google AdWords, Facebook, Metrilo) that could potentially show our ads on our network sites. These ads will take into account the pages you've visited on the site us, so they will maximize your interests. Cookie-related information is not used to identify the identity you. These cookies are not used for purposes other than those described here. How to control cookies? You can control and / or delete cookies whenever you want - for more information see You can delete all the cookies already saved on your computer, as well you can set most browsers to block them. But if you do, you can you have to manually set up some parameters each time you visit a site, in addition, some services and features may not work.